Join our Exclusive Couples Retreats in Stjärnsund, Sweden

with Janie and Fredrik

Press the image above to play the video and come a little closer to our heart and home. The couples retreat will be a deep dive into heart-opening love, deep connection, sacred sexuality, vulnerability, ridiculous amounts of pleasure and sooo much fun!

Are you ready to dive deeper into love and join an exclusive 3 day weekend with your partner?

Do you want to take your relationship and love life to the next level and experience falling in love again and again?

Have you always wondered about Tantra, Sacred sexuality and conscious touch and you simply didn’t know where to start or who to ask or and do you feel stuck in old relationship patterns that seem too difficult to break on your own?

Does your sex life feel like an obligation or do you wonder what else is possible? Are you curious to expand your horizon and basically rewrite your bedroom narrative from non-existent or average love making to epic, expansive and orgasmic intimacy far beyond closed bedroom doors?

Are you curious to find out about communication tools that will empower your relationship to be authentic, solid and where you feel seen and heard by your partner?

Have you ever truly experienced speaking the uncomfortable and still being held in love?

Do you wonder what is holding you back from fully stepping into your highest pleasure potential in life and in your relationship?

Let’s explore all of that together and lean into the uncomfortable gently while being held in a professional and safe space.

We are inviting you on a transformational journey alongside 2-5 other couples in our beautiful home surrounded by the most peaceful and nourishing nature of Sweden.

We are excited for you to stretch your love muscles beyond anything you ever thought possible. We are here to inspire you how beautiful and mind-blowing a committed relationship can be.

Fredrik and I are sooooo excited to welcome you to our home.

Lots of love,
Janie and Fredrik

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