Goddess Ritual & Yoni Massage

This 2 part tantric ritual is designed to fully honour your partner and to awaken the Goddess within her and her Yoni. You will be able to connect on a much deeper level as a couple/ lovers and bring more sacredness into your relationship.

Explore the art of conscious touch during the Yoni Massage Ritual and gift your partner pure presence, gentleness and more pleasure.

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What you can expect:

  • 2 part Tantric Ritual >>> Honouring the Goddess & Yoni Massage Ritual 
  • More trust & connection between you & your partner 
  • More sacredness within your relationship
  • Learn about the art of conscious touch
  • Easy to follow instructions for the most beautiful 1h Yoni Massage

1st PART: For the ‘Honoring the Goddess Ritual’ you will receive 3 short & easy-to-follow videos for you and your partner. You will need about 45-60min for this part of the Goddess ritual nevertheless it can be nice to dedicate a whole day for your partner to step into her full Goddess activation. 

2nd PART: For the Yoni Massage you will be able to listen to a 52min high quality audio file that the giver of the yoni massage listens to via headphones during the massage. You will also receive 2 videos about preparing the yoni massage so you can both fully relax into the experience as well as providing the best after glow & after care for your Goddess once the ritual is complete.