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How can I love you more? 

Do you sometimes feel alone even when you are together?

Do you both long for more love, more passion, fulfilled sexuality and deeper connection again, but you don’t know where to start?

With you partner by your side are you ready to find a simple way to go from surviving to thriving or from every day pressure to daily pleasure in your relationship?

Have you read about Tantra and you are super curious to give it a try?


You are in the right place.

We celebrate your courage to show up here.

More than half of committed and loving relationship split up, because they didn’t have the tools to work through their emotional disconnection, unsatisfied (sexual) needs, reoccurring fears and internal confusions.

We are here to teach you and inspire you on your journey to take your relationship to the next level.

Sometimes it is as simple as asking your partner: “How can I love you more?”

The hardest part is to simply listen. Not to add, fix, compare or give advice. Just listen.

There is much depth for you to discover here and we have created a range of resources for you e.g. a free Tantra workshop, a 7 week online course, couples coaching  and weekly online workshops.

Meet Janie & Fredrik

Two inspirational and experienced relationship coaches and tantra teachers, passionate about bringing couples closer together in their vulnerability, power and passion for life and for each other.

Janie and Fredrik live, love and work together teaching other couples the holistic tools and tantric practices they use in their every day life … even with kids around!

Are you ready for more pleasure in your relationship?

Our offerings

Exclusive Couples Retreats

We are opening the doors of our beautiful home for 3-5 couples in Stjärnsund (Sweden) in the end of Sep, Nov and Jan. This is a unique invitation to explore how to expand your relationship and love life, to rewrite disempowering narratives around intimacy and to tap into your highest pleasure potential as a couple.

Online Course

We are inviting you to transform your relationship and dive deeper into the world of Tantra. Register NOW for our online journey where we will take you on 7 delicious tantric dates from the comfort of your own home. Our next launch is starting on the 13th of Oct 2020.

With easy to follow pre-recorded videos you will unlock more pleasure, connection and intimacy with every date.

Couples Coaching

Get 1:1 professional coaching sessions that will take you and your partner from surviving to thriving.

Rewrite your narrative around love, sexuality and your relationship. Create your unique container for your love to flourish.

3 simple ways to overcome disconnection in intimacy

Enjoy a FREE video workshop that will take your love life and relationship to the next level…

This short but potent training is for all those loving couples who feel trapped in their old habits and who long for simple and easy to follow tools to overcome disconnection in their relationship.

Most people just wait for something magical to happen.

We are here to inspire and empower you to take action straight away.

Start to claim your dream love life and relationship that you always wanted.

The good news is… deep shifts can happen in just 1 hour of quality time spent together.

Simply find a quiet and cozy space with your partner, press play and follow along our interactive and step by step mini Tantra Workshop.

Watch our FREE video on “3 simple ways to overcome disconnection in intimacy” here…

What our clients say

We just had no idea how much fun, how erotic and how deeply in love we would feel after every single coaching session! So grateful!

Emma & Troy

Even after our first coaching session we felt so much closer than in months of us somehow trying to reignite our intimacy! Thank you so much!

Sandra & Olli

We were completely new to Tantra and we never thought this was possible for us! We are forever grateful that we had the courage to sign up for the coaching sessions!

Mia & George

My wife is so happy now that we can make love for hours! There is nothing better than a whole body orgasm and a satisfied woman by my side.

Lara & Francesco

Fredrik and Janie's warm presence went right through cyberspace into our home. Their warm-hearted attitude, openness, humour and clarity is powerful and sets a clear frameworks that we will carry with us in life.

Anna & Hakan

I have been to many Tantra workshops and the space that you created is by far the safest that I have felt. Thank you for your integrity, authenticity, playfulness and open heart!


I feel lucky to have participated in Janie and Fredrik's workshop. The evening was a well-curated mix of activities and experiences - each one generously offered as a present to build a stronger connection to ourselves and others. I left with a glimpse of the possibilities and juiciness on offer when we choose to show up fully and with authenticity.


About Janie

Janie is a professional Tantric Relationship Coach and she enjoys sharing her passion about Tantra in all areas of life. She loves creating transformational spaces for couples to grow and evolve in.

No matter if your are totally new to Tantra or if your have been on this journey for a while Janie is able to take you on a transformational and life changing journey where I will teach you numerous tantric tools of how to be an in a relationship where you feel alive and at home in your own body, deeply connected to your partner and able to unlock your highest pleasure potential.

Janie has been certified by Layla Martin after a 650h+ Sex, Love and Relationship coaching certification in 2019. She is been running her online business called Tantra Mama for a few years, where she teaches parents how to raise empowered children in a body and sex positive environment while thriving sexually themselves.

Janie transmits her passion for life and love wherever she goes and has a way of connecting with people that opens their hearts with ease and depth.

About Fredrik

“Let your passion for life be stronger than your fear of failure.”

Fredrik Swahn is a professional artist with over 25 years of experience, a certified voice coach after studying at the Royal Music Academy of Stockholm and one of the most radiant workshop leaders.

Fredrik has formed and led various men groups and tantric couple retreats throughout Sweden. He has been on the tantric path for more than a decade and is continuously longing to drop into deeper authenticity with the people around him while sharing his passion for conscious connections and sacred sexuality.

Fredrik’s love for running transformational workshops is often framed by the powerful transmission of his live songs that inspire participants to open up to more vulnerability, presence and expansions of their hearts through sound, breath and true intimacy.

Are you ready to say YES to more pleasure in your love life and take your relationship to the next level?