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Tantra for Couples – Our Offerings

Tantra Online Course for Couples

We are inviting you to transform your relationship and dive deeper into the world of Tantra. Join our online journey where we will take you on 7 delicious tantric dates from the comfort of your own bedroom.

With easy to follow pre-recorded videos you will unlock more pleasure, connection and intimacy with each tantric date.

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Yoni Massage & Goddess Ritual Online Course

This 2 part tantric ritual is designed to fully honor your partner and to awaken the Goddess within her and her Yoni. You will be able to connect on a much deeper level  as a couple/ lovers and bring more sacredness into your relationship. Explore the art of conscious touch during the Yoni Massage Ritual and gift your partner pure presence, gentleness, and more pleasure.

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This Lingam massage is for you if you want to dedicate 60min to worship, nurture and pleasure your lover’s penis like never before. Learn over 15 different strokes by listening to the high-quality audio file while you massage your partner at the same time. You can stop the audio whenever it feels good to you and ideally listen to the instructions via headphones while your partner can fully relax into the strokes of your loving hands.
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Tantra Couples Retreats in Sweden (near Stockholm)

We are opening the doors of our beautiful home for 3-5 couples in Stjärnsund ,Sweden. This is a unique invitation to explore and expand your relationship & love life, to rewrite disempowering narratives around intimacy, and to tap into your highest pleasure potential as a couple.

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Professional Couples Coaching & Bodywork sessions

Get 1:1 private coaching sessions and/or bodywork sessions that will take you and/or your partner from surviving to thriving.

Rewrite your narrative around love, sexuality, and your relationship. Create your unique container for your love to flourish.

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