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Professional Coaching for Couples & Bodywork Sessions

Get professional coaching sessions and/or bodywork sessions (online or in-person) that will take you and your partner from surviving to thriving.

Rewrite your narrative around love, sexuality, and your relationship. Create your unique container for your love to flourish and for you to feel at home and at peace in your body.

We offer a unique opportunity for you to be coached by us, a couple that fully embodies their feminine and masculine energies, that can hold space for a lot of emotions and that can turn your vulnerability into your superpower.

We have both been married & divorced in previous relationships. Together we share 6 kids. We have experienced monogamy and alternative relationship styles. We work with couples that want to transform their frustrations, confusions, jealousy, guilt and shame, and fears around intimacy and sexuality.

Click the image below to watch our welcome message and find out more about our coaching sessions. We look forward to guide you on your journey through life and to empower you within your relationship.

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Love Disclaimer

We love working with couples no matter what relationship style they are in. For us everything and everyone comes down to LOVE and CONNECTION no matter what gender, age, religion, kinks, trauma, attachment style, human design, spiritual path, addiction or sexual preferences you might have.

Book a FREE 20min Discovery Call with us

Coaching & Bodywork Offerings

We want to celebrate your courage, your curiosity and your willingness to invest in your relationship and to create a safe space together where honesty, clarity and transformation is possible for you & your partner.


Together we will co-create a personalized coaching package tailored for you and your partner. We will support you in getting clarity on your needs, guide you in exploring your desires and address and transform the fears attached to them. We will give you hands-on tools, verbal and non-verbal practices & meditations that you can use to weave into your daily life and relationship.


  • sessions are with Janie & Fredrik – together or individually on request
  • online coaching sessions are via Zoom or GoogleMeets
  • in person coaching sessions/ bodywork are in Stjärnsund (Sweden) or Stockholm (Sweden) or Berlin (Germany) or at your desired destination including extra travel/time costs
  • length of an online or in person coaching session is up to 60min
  • length of a bodywork session is up to 120min
  • coaching packages run on weekly/forth-nightly or monthly basis

Your Investment

  • find prices of suggested coaching & bodywork packages below
  • Details for individually priced packages can be discussed during our free 20min discovery call

Session Options

One Coaching Session for Couples 

  • Length: up to 60min
  • Price: 249 Euro
  • with Relationship Experts Janie and Fredrik
  • Bonus ::: 15min Aftercare check-in within 1 week of having the session and receiving individualised home practices & communication tools
Get One Coaching Session - 249 Euros

Deepen your Love – Coaching Package for Couples with 3 sessions

  • Time: 3 sessions on a weekly/forth-nightly or monthly basis
  • Length: up to 60min each
  • Location: Online or in person
  • Price: 699 Euros (can be paid in instalments)
Get 3 Coaching Sessions - 699 EurosPay in 3 monthly instalments of 233 Euros

Rising in Love – Coaching Package for Couples with 5 sessions

  • Time: 5 sessions on a weekly/forth-nightly or monthly basis
  • Length: up to 60min each
  • Price: 999 Euros (can be paid in instalments)
  • Bonus :::  Yoni Massage & Goddess Ritual Online Course (value of 199 Euros)
Get 5 Coaching Sessions - 999 EurosPay in 3 monthly instalments of 333 Euros

One Bodywork Session (for one person)

  • Length: up to 120 min
  • Price: 249 Euros
  • Focus: Gentle & Nurturing & Healing Bodywork (with or without including the Yoni/Vulva or Lingam/Penis)
  • Boundaries: no fluid exchange, internal work only with gloves, more details about boundaries before the session & during our check-in call
  • Bodyworker: You can make a request who you want to work with and we will decide if that will be possible after our initial check-in call
Get 1 Bodywork Sessions - 249 Euros

Our Uniqueness

  • We love creating ceremonies with couples who want to celebrate their sacred union or who are in the process of uncoupling consciously
  • We love taking couples through tantric rituals to deepen their connection, to be fully present with each other and to fall in love again and again
  • We love inspiring other couples to widen their horizon of what is possible in the world of Tantra, sacred sexuality and intimacy and how to tap into the power of pleasure as a manifestation tool. Tantra beginners and Tantra masters are absolutely welcome!
  • We love sharing non-verbal practices to support couples to get out of their mind during sex and more into the body
  • We love helping both partners to express their emotions and letting their body do the talking instead of having endless conversations
  • We love teaching couples communication tools that will allow them to speak their truth, to feel held in love even during uncomfortable conversations and to find their authentic voice to express desires, fears and boundaries in a healthy way
  • We love working with couples that are wanting to open up their relationship consciously and who need support in finding step-by-step guidance and a container that feels authentic, sustainable and safe to them
  • We absolutely love creating magical moments for others to transform and thrive in

Confidentiality is a priority for us to make you feel safe.

With a smile of gratitude,

Janie & Fredrik

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