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Membership with Janie & Fredrik

Every month you will get the chance to gather in sisterhood and brotherhood and together as one tribe. 

This will give you the opportunity to connect to a community of people who are there to witness you, mirror you and celebrate you no matter what you are moving through in life and in your relationship.

You will be able to tap into a rich and nurturing pool of love and wisdom held by Janie and Fredrik. 


Join our group relationship coaching circle – Vikings of Love


Join Group Relationship Coaching Membership with Janie & Fredrik

Every month for 69 Euros (up to 2 people)

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Membership Details

  • membership is for couples & singles
  • join anytime & cancel anytime
  • Membership is 69 Euro per month (which is 34,50 Euros per person and only 17,50 Euros per call)
  • you get access to all three 60min group coaching calls per month
  • every 2nd Sunday from 8-9pm (Berlin/Stockholm time) are the Sisterhood Circles with Janie & at the same time the Brotherhood Circles with Fredrik
  • every last Sunday from 8-9 pm (Berlin/ Stockholm time) are the Relationship and Intimacy Coaching Circles
  • calls are via ZOOM & recordings are available for 2 weeks
  • become part of our online community
  • get exclusive offers for members
    be the first to get invitations for in-person and online events
  • payment with Paypal, credit card or debit card

Topics we will cover during our circles:


  • overcoming disconnection with more ease
  • working with jealousy
  • expressing your honest and uncomfortable truths with love
  • creating new ways to connect sensually & sexually
  • coming back to passion and curiosity in the bedroom
  • importance of rituals in every day life
  • how to create pleasure rituals that you will love
  • conscious communication tools verbally and non-verbally
  • how to get out of the mind and into the body
  • working with sexual shame, guilt and frustrations
  • spirituality and sacred sexuality
  • tapping into your primal power
  • expressing anger and other emotions in a healthy way
  • money mindset & habits connected to pleasure
  • getting clarity on your boundaries
  • monogamy and alternative containers of love relationships
  • creating a vision for both of your to thrive in your relationship
  • getting to know your desires and fears more
  • falling deeper in love again and again

With love, Janie and Fredrik

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